Cursive team is made up of writers, developers, innovators and creative content producers who are brought into the fold on a per-project basis. That means if you don't need it, you don't pay for it. Cursive helps you ditch the straight and narrow to make boring stuff sound like gospel. We're corporate storytellers specializing in awards submissions, newsletters and ghostwriting. In this short article, we will share some of the most interesting ghostwriting techniques; we will also help you physically protect your laptop and other writing tools.

On Ghostwriting

Want to make more money as a book author or freelancer? One of the most lucrative fielGhostwriting is lucrative and sought afterds is ghostwriting and co-authoring, yet most writers know little about this niche. What do you need to get started? What makes ghostwriting more challenging—and yet more rewarding—than writing your own books?

The author has something to share, but may lack the time, inclination or skill to attempt the writing task. A ghostwriter helps bring out what the author wishes to communicate. The skilled ghostwriter presents the viewpoint of the author, with the final piece rightly belonging to the author and not to the ghostwriter.

To be a good ghostwriter, you need to ask narrow, specific questions. Questions like “Did you sell your business for more than $50 million or less than $50 million?” show that you need specific information. You can start here and work your way up to more general topics.

Physically Protecting Your Laptop

As we all know, laptops are expensive and in fact it takes some people the greatest part of their savings to get one for a cogent and exceptional purposes like projects, internet, reading and any other means of learning and productivity. A good laptop is a must for a good ghostwriter, and that is why you need to take extreme care in protecting it. Now, we all know that you need good antivirus and antispyware software, but a lot of people neglect to actually physically protect their laptop.

Physically locking your laptoEven this small contraption will force the thief to waste valuable timep to an immovable object isn't exactly the coolest thing you can do, but it works. Just about every laptop on the market is equipped with a small lock slot that works with laptop locks. These laptop locks work just as bicycle chain locks do: You find a large, immovable object, and wrap the metal cable around it.

Never leave your laptop out in the open, even in the privacy of your own home. In fact, majority of home bulglaries happen in this manner: the bulglar breaks in, sees and snatches the most valuable thing available and runs off. Only in extreme rare cases (and in movies) do bulglars prowl around the house, checking whether there is a safe behing every portrait. That is why you need to keep your laptop hidden, and locked.

Now that we are on the subject of locks, there is usually a little you can do to improve the safety of your laptop after you double lock it. Double locking is just that – keep your laptop in a cabinet or safe or a safely locked room. A thief will probably won’t waste his or her precious time attempting to lockpick two locks in a row, as it would be against his or her better judgement.

At some point, you might find yourself in the awkward position that requires the attention of a locksmith on the move. If you can’t access your safely locked laptop, you are unable to locate your car keys, you will be relieved when a locksmith shows up in no time.

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