Yesterday, precious Linda Lewis was laid to rest after her second battle with cancer and a heroic effort on the part of the PMH.


When I first met her, she wore a tangerine-coloured shift and an infectious smile. Her command for attention was effortless. I loved her instantly. I wanted to be like her.


Linda was my first real boss; the first woman who took a chance on me fresh out of university with a useless degree. She took the time to nurture my budding career and patiently taught me how edit with integrity and use one word in the place of three.


She was a powerhouse. A true role model and among my first mentors in the business world. I often find myself asking, WWLD? (What would Linda do?) when it comes to managing my own team. She made every decision with honesty and grace and never shied away from telling it like it was.


I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside her on the launch of More Mag. I’ll cherish the moments of being chastised for imperfect grammar, chasing after taxis for her misplaced glasses and sopping up coffee from her keyboard. 


More than anything, I’ll treasure the way it made me feel when she told me I’d done good. That was a high with no comparison.


We’ve lost one of the good ones. But she certainly left her mark.


Read The Star’s Marco Chown Oved’s beautiful story on Linda here.

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Greenwin Inc. is proud to be the sponsor of two upcoming tennis events in Toronto this summer. Starting with the 6th Annual City of Toronto Championships at Toronto Tennis City and concluding with the Wilson Progressive Tennis 2013 Summer Tour, it is sure to be an August filled with exciting tennis matches!


You can find out more information about the events below.

Progressive Tennis Summer Tour Poster

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