Cursive Spotlight: How Redwood Classics Makes The Perfect Sweatshirt


No matter how often you go shopping or how many sweatshirts you buy, you will always have that one favourite sweatshirt in your closet that you always turn to. Redwood Classics Apparel prides itself on making your favourite sweatshirt – and the perfect sweatshirt. Redwood Classics strives to provide the highest quality of manufacturing available in North America, and has done so for three generations. With an endless array of design, decoration and customization, Redwood Classics is dedicated to service excellence and craftsmanship that creates a true and authentic Canadian product that customers are proud of.


What goes into making the perfect sweatshirt? All fits and styles are developed in the Redwood Classics in-house atelier. Their master craftsmen, who have a keen eye for quality, start with sourcing and selecting the finest fabrics. Then, each dye-lot is tested for shrinkage, colour dye-lot and colour fastness in order to ensure consistency. Only the finest of these are stocked in Redwood Classics’ highly curated inventory of premium fleece selections. Rather than relying on the standard practice of compacting knitted fabrics and claiming them to be pre-shrunk, Redwood Classics fabric washes each dye-lot fabric, starting of by un-rolling each and every roll. The fleece is then washed and dried in their in-house laundry facilities to ensure that shrinkage occurs at the manufacturing level. The fabric is then re-rolled before going to the cutting room, where it is laid out for rest time to un-relax and minimize any pattern distortion.


Each handcrafted Redwood Classics Apparel sweatshirt is constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Redwood Classics uses a highly specialized four-needle flatlock stitching technique, resulting in better fit, durability and added comfort. Afterwards, each and every sweatshirt is carefully inspected one at a time for colour standards and construction quality. Each garment is then given a final, all-over review before it is honoured with the Redwood Classics Proudly Made in Canada stamp of approval!


Redwood Classics Apparel has produced over 35 million sweatshirts. Find out more here.



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Cursive Spotlight: Hot Winter Fashion Trends


Winter is officially here! While we have had some warmer weather lately, it is time to bring out those parkas – or go shopping for some – to get you through the cold winter season. We’ve put together some of the hottest winter jacket trends that will keep you warm and cozy during the holidays. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, check out these comfortable trends.



Add Some Length. The growing trend for men and women in winter coats is to add a little length. Stray from the classic bomber and stay even warmer this winter. This style is perfect if you do a lot of walking outside.


Army Hues. Green is the new black when it comes to coat colours. Khakis, greens and army browns are all the rage in winter wear this season. Army hues are neutral and go with everything, while still adding a hint of colour as opposed to greys and blacks.


Bomber Style. The bomber jacket will always be in style. It is the perfect coat to just throw on, get in the car, and go! This style goes with absolutely everything and is the most versatile of coats.


Quilted Love. Quilted patterns are everywhere this season. Particularly on the longer winter parka, the quilted look is so simple, yet elegant and unique at the same time. The quilted coat makes a statement without trying too hard.


Go Bright or Go Home. Just because the season can be bland doesn’t mean your winter coat should be, too. Why not add a bright pop of colour to a gloomy, grey and white winter? Reds, pinks and blues are becoming more prominent in winter wear this season.


Camp Connection is stocked with all of your winter needs for everyone in your family! They are also having a 50/50 Winter Coat sale on the hottest winter trends – spend $50 on winter accessories and receive 50% off any winter coat. Take a look at their selection here!

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Toronto Blog: Joanne Sallay, Director of Teachers on Call, is back with another #TeachMeTuesdays blog on Village Living Magazine.


Joanne stresses the importance of giving your children the gift of words this holiday season with a curated selection of books for all ages. Get them hooked on the power of books!


Read Joanne’s full piece on the Village Living Magazine website.

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