Today wasn’t a “Jess” day in the typical sense. I woke up feeling pretty low energy and not particularly excited about hitting the gym at 7:30. Nevertheless, I did it. After all, my clothes are feeling more comfortable and my energy has been through the roof.


I’ve been back on the tennis court after a shoulder injury kept me on and off for quite sometime. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Striation 6’s co-founder Sam Trotta and I aren’t just training in the traditional sense. We’re Striating, meaning every detail in my overall wellness regimen has been attended to. Part of the process, in addition to weight training and nutrition, is Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).


This week, I came back from the holidays feeling somewhat low. At Sam’s suggestion, I started my New Years wellness revelation prior to Christmas in anticipation of standard January moodiness. I’m so glad I did! I not only got into a new routine that allowed me to start 2015 with healthier habits and looser jeans, but I also developed an appreciation for exercise that I’ve never previously had.


Plus, in spite of some December gorging, more and more people have been commenting on the recent change in my figure. It’s funny because while the scale has moved a bit, my clothes feel so much more comfortable, which is a reminder that a transformation isn’t purely about “weight loss”. For me, this is a revelation.


Easing back into the process has been seamless. With that said, I explained to Sam that my shoulder was acting up at the beginning of January. And so, rather than launching into a weight training/ISOPHIT session, I hopped on the MAT table. After a combination of checking my range of motion, manually testing me to check for muscular instabilities and a combination of (let’s say) interesting pokes on various parts of my body, I felt huge changes in both my pain levels and my ability to move my shoulder. Here’s the kicker: he actually didn’t even touch my shoulder. According to Sam, “I know your shoulder feels like it’s screaming for help right now, but it’s actually your spine that’s whimpering silently in the corner that seems to be causing this whole mess.”


Two days later, I was back on the gym floor, feeling like I hadn’t skipped a beat. The Welcome Back session went like this:
– A total body ISOPHIT warm-up to get my blood flowing and my muscles prepped for movement
– ISOPHIT Leg Presses supersetted with Machine Leg Press – S6’s new machines are from this killer company called Keiser and they are AWESOME!
– ISOPHIT Rows supersetted with Bent Dumbbell Rows
– Kettlebell Swings


This is a little less than we would normally do, but it was a perfect way to get back into my routine – just enough squeeze to get my workouts for the year started off right.

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All About Cursive PR


Cursive PR is an award-winning team of creative rockstars. Based in Toronto, Cursive PR is a social media team of talented, media-savvy Millennials who help brands discover untapped digital opportunities that inspire conversations and convert fans into ambassadors.


At Cursive, we offer a variety of different services to a variety of different clients.


Social Media Management & Media Relations. We are experts in social media marketing and boosting word-of-mouth referrals.


Corporate Communications & Writing & Editing. Our writers will help you create, build, or enhance the messaging of your brand, in YOUR words. Whether it be social content, press releases, blogs, or ad copy, Cursive has you covered.


Email Marketing & Web Development. Our team of web developers and graphic artists are fiends in terms of optimizing your marketing strategy. They will turn browsers into believers when it comes to your brand.


Search Engine Performance Analytics & Insight. At Cursive, we will work with you to create a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy that includes paid search engine advertising and content marketing.


Cursive PR is a unique team that gets things done. For more information, visit our website!


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Cursive Spotlight: Looking Ahead


Looking Ahead is a great tool for organizing your estate and your affairs. The best part? It is incredibly simple to use! Looking Ahead offers a straightforward application process that walks you through the steps of creating your own comprehensive and intelligent estate plan.


It is easy to update. Keeping your account current is very important. Looking ahead allows you to easily make changes regarding significant life events, such as, change sin your martial status or beneficiaries. All of these need to be updated in the records of your account in order for your wishes to be realized.


It is accessible. You can access your plan on any of your devices! Simply download the Looking Ahead app for your iPhone or iPad, or use your web browser on your computer or mobile device for complete access to your account.


It helps you stay organized. While you can access your account from any device, you may also want to be safe and print a hard copy of your entire profile to store in your customized Looking Ahead binder that can be found on the website.


It allows YOU to be in control. You can grant read-only access of your virtual guide to your Power(s) of Attorney and/or Executor(s) in a timely manner.


It saves time. Using Looking Ahead saves you, your loved ones, and Executor(s) tens of hundreds of hours by having all of your affairs in order!


It saves money in the long run. In a disorganized estate, more taxes are paid and more professional services are required. This decreases the estate value for your beneficiaries.


It provides peace of mind. Most importantly, Looking Ahead will remove any unnecessary and stressful decisions for your loved ones.

For more information about Looking Ahead, visit their website here.


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