The Legacy Project profiles leaders from around the world to discover what makes them so successful. Naturally, Cursive’s Director, Jessica Green, was the perfect person to interview.


Jessica discusses what lessons she has learned throughout the years, how she deals with doubt and the resources she uses to hone her craft.


Our favourite quote is what Jessica describes as being her key talent:


“Confidence. Having experienced attempts at age-related intimidation in the workplace first-hand, I’ve learned that cowering only makes you complicit in the cycle. The most effective form of retaliation is outperformance, which is fuelled by none other than self-assurance.


While biases still exist, we’ve come a long way in terms of achieving equal outcomes for all people in the professional space. I’ve come to realize that “contemporary” barriers – like guilt and rampant insecurity about kicking ass – are self-imposed. If you’re willing to rock the boat, you deserve to get a turn driving it.”


Read the full interview with Jessica on The Legacy Project website here.

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The innovative Redwood Classics x preloved collection is expanding!


The collection, which took home the gold medal for “Best In Green” at the PPPC Image Awards earlier this year, extends its green thumb even further this spring. From scarves and mitts to blankets and pillows, the sustainable and eco-friendly collection is making a big impact on both style and the environment.


“Customers are looking for high-quality, well-made products that they can feel good about,” says Kathy Cheng, President of Redwood Classics Apparel. “With this collection, they can wear their eco-friendly heart on their sleeve.”


By taking vintage sweaters and “upcycling” them into new garments, Redwood Classics and preloved are saving hundreds of sweaters from reaching our landfills. They’re also creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you simply cannot find anywhere else.


Want to see more? Download the Redwood Classics x preloved look book here.

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The 2015 Boutique Ball, put on by The Corsage Project, is rapidly approaching!


Each year, the Corsage Project hosts the Boutique Ball – an incredible event that brings together women of all ages to celebrate the achievements of deserving young women. On this special day, an event space is transformed into a giant shopping bazaar with hundreds of new dresses, shoes, purses, pashminas and jewellery. Corsage Girls shop the various wares with their own personal shopper to complete their prom look and are treated to a mini makeover and goodie bags filled with gifts from our generous sponsors.


This year, the Boutique Ball is being held on April 19, and The Corsage Project is looking for a bevvy of volunteers to make the dreams of these girls come true! Over 300 volunteers each year lend their time and talent to the Boutique Ball, and you can be one of them. Here are some of the positions available:


Personal Shopper – Pair up with a Corsage Girl to help style her prom look with a fabulous dress and accessories.


Station Attendant – Suggest styles and replenish tables with fresh merchandise at the various stations such as jewellery, shoes and evening bags.


Change Room Attendant – Offer dress advice, monitor crowd control and run dresses back to the Main Room. Typically one of the most exciting areas, as this is where Corsage Girls find their special dress!


Makeup Artists – Provide a mini makeover and offer make-up tips for prom night (for professional makeup artists only).


Set Up & Take Down – Join the team the day before the event (Saturday, April 18) to set up the change rooms, the Main Dress Room and the various stations. Take down volunteers are needed immediately following the event.


Please note, to ensure the comfort of participants we require all Boutique Ball volunteers to be over the age of 18.


Want to volunteer? Head to The Corsage Project website to register now! Click here.

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