PPPC Kicks Off Annual National Show


Celebrating its 60th year as Canada’s premier promotional organization, PPPC opened its annual national tradeshow yesterday, welcoming thousands of distributors from across Canada.‎


“This convention provides a platform not just for networking, but for finding collaboration opportunities as well,” said Kathy Cheng, owner of Redwood Classics Apparel (asi/81627) and Counselor’s number-one Fastest-Growing Supplier in Canada in 2014. “For us, there’s a difference between the two. As a boutique manufacturer, the relationship between us and our distributors is unique in the sense that we don’t just fill orders. We collaborate and build long-term friendships. The organizations that attend PPPC’s National Convention are often of the same mindset.”‎


With a continued emphasis from companies like Boardroom Custom Clothing (asi/40705) on eco- and repurposed materials, product highlights included a journal book from Bravo Awards’ (asi/41638) new line as the provider of Castelli Canada, made from discarded apple skins ‎and apple pulp.‎


At last night‎’s Image Awards dinner hosted by Spector & Co.’s (asi/88660) Marc Giroux –addressing the crowd in English and French for the evening – PPPC inducted BIC Graphic’s (asi/40480) Mark Wingrove into its Hall of Fame and named Debco (asi/48885) as its Gold Award supplier of the Year, with Spector & Co. taking the Silver Award and Leed’s (asi/66887) taking the Bronze. Counselor Top 40 distributor BrandAlliance (asi/145177) was named National Distributor of the Year.‎


“The PPPC National Convention is my favorite industry event,” says Danny Braunstein, vice president of sales for Talbot Marketing (asi/341500). “It gives me the opportunity to visit with old friends and meet new ones. The quality of the offering at the tradeshow is always strong, and the accompanying events are always top-notch.”‎


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TORONTO, ON – Redwood Classics Apparel has announced that Alex Wong, Business Development Manager, has been selected as one of this year’s Promotional Products of Canada (PPPC) Momentum Award Winners.

“Dynamic leader”, “propelling the industry forward”, “driven”, “creative”, “making a difference” are just some of the criteria for making the award’s shortlist. As a winner, Alex has been recognized as one of the promotional products industry’s best and brightest. He accepts this award just three years following Redwood Classics’ Founder and President Kathy Cheng’s 2012 win.

“I grew up in this industry,” said Wong. “My mother’s first job in Canada was with WS & Co., the factory that produces Redwood Classics. In many ways, accepting this award – alongside some of our industry’s most dynamic individuals – is like coming full circle. To say that I am proud is an understatement.”

“In an industry that has taken a predominantly offshore direction, Alex has dedicated his career to pushing the made-in-Canada envelope that our company is known for on the international stage,” said Cheng. “Alex has a unique understanding of the difficulties, threats and challenges that face Canadian manufacturers and has tailored his leadership approach accordingly. By mentoring and hiring Canadian students, he has directly contributed to the creation of jobs and growth in the manufacturing industry. We are extremely fortunate to have him on our team.”

Alex will be acknowledged for this massive achievement on January 27, 2016 at the annual PPPC Image Awards Ceremony.

Jessica Green, Cursive PR, at jessica@cursivepr.ca

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Even though Boxing Day is long over, this piece from Joanne Sallay (of Teachers on Call) on The Huffington Post is still relevant. If your child needs help with math, or you want to help nurture their love of numbers, Möbi is the game for them.


According to Joanne, “This whale of a game has a goal to make math fun. The creators believe that no matter what path you take in life, numbers will meet you at the door. So they decided to create a game that would bring math to life. For all the kids who feel discouraged by numbers, Mobi is a great option because it can start out with simple math and become more advanced based on the abilities of the players. Fans of Scrabble and Bananagrams will delight in this numerical game.”


Read Joanne’s entire piece on The Huffington Post here.

Mobi Logo

To learn more about Möbi, visit their website.

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