Jessica Green, founder of Cursive PR, had the distinction of serving as a panelist at the FRPO (Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario) 4th annual Women in Rental Housing Luncheon on August 25.

Held at the Old Mill Inn in Toronto, the event was moderated by Greenwin CEO Kris Boyce.

Here’s a round-up of this inspiring event from Canadian Apartment Magazine:

With 150 in attendance, making it the largest of its kind to date, the women’s luncheon provides an opportunity for industry women to gather, mingle, and listen to inspirational stories and viewpoints on a range of topics including wellness in the workplace, community service and mentoring.

“This important event brings together women working in the rental housing industry to motivate, inspire and share their experiences,” said Lynzi Michal, Director of Membership and Marketing at FRPO. “FRPO is pleased to support the advancement of women and highlight their stories for the next generation of leaders.This is an exciting time for rental housing and it is encouraging to see greater diversity in senior management as women continue to excel in this field.”

Boyce kicked off the discussion with a rundown of “10 secrets to success” every woman should know about. From the importance of being true to oneself and accepting our mistakes and failures, to the benefits of paying it forward to other young rising stars, the discussion was also a reminder of the struggles faced by past generations of working women who were denied opportunities and rights due to gender inequality.

At the top of the agenda was health and wellness and the constant pursuit of that elusive work-life balance. “Creating an environment that allows you to be successful often means creating boundaries and taking important steps just for you,” advised Kristina Lauesen.

“It’s easy to say invest in yourself, make time for yourself, but how many of us actually go ahead and do that?” added Brandi McIlvenny. “We need to be mindful of what makes us happy and what fills our cup up. By investing just a fraction of energy towards ourselves, everything in our lives will benefit.”

“As women we tend to think we are so bad if we steal a moment for ourselves,” said Jessica Green. “But taking care of yourself and prioritizing your health and your well-being are not bad. So be kind to yourself and remember that everyone struggles with this concept.”

Finding strength and a voice in the male-dominated boardroom is another struggle for many working women today, and this was touched on by the panelists who have all been in that situation. “I remind myself that everybody, male or female, brings something different to the discussion,” said Lauesen. “Everybody comes from different backgrounds and brings their own expertise to the table. If their voices weren’t valid, then they wouldn’t be sitting there.”

Andrea Rocheleau said that showing support and being a role model for other young women is critical to breaking barriers and getting a more balanced representation in leadership roles. “Without those women who saw potential in me, I know I would not be where I am today.”

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Toronto-based communications and consulting firm, Cursive PR,  is proud to announce that Payquad has been added to their growing roster of clients.

Drawing on their extensive knowledge of the property management industry, Cursive is pleased to take Payquad’s blogging to the next level. The rent payment solution company was formed to simplify the monthly rent process through digital automation. By creating an online platform that is amazingly simple to use, Payquad offer residents a variety of online payment methods including credit cards, debit cards and direct debit from chequing or savings accounts. Thanks to partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, residents and landlords alike are able to benefit from this simplified and universal payment system.

Cursive will be bringing their unique voice and insights to the Paysquad blog, where they’ll dole out advice on everything from online security to the latest advancements in technology that will affect the property management and rental industries.

Are you ready to to give your blog a makeover? You’re in the right place. Contact Cursive today and give yourself a leg-up on your online competition.


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Does your business send out corporate newsletters? Building development and property management company M&R Holdings understands the inherent value of a beautifully designed newsletter.

A well written and thoughtfully designed corporate newsletter can help to elevate your business to that of a thought leader in your industry. Whether you send out a newsletter monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, it will pay dividends to employ the expertise of a company that makes writing and creativity their business.

The Cursive team worked with M&R Holdings to redesign their quarterly corporate newsletter, starting with the all-important copy. Working with M&R, we were able to bring their voice to life in a professional and engaging manner. We then took on the task of designing the newsletter, utilizing the skills of our talented in-house designer who helped to bring their vision to life. The result was a clean, eye-catching corporate newsletter that M&R was able to proudly share with key stakeholders and residents of their properties.

If you are looking to revamp your external communications, Cursive is here to help. We will work with you to define the voice of your brand and write copy that directly reflects it. Not only will we take care of all of the writing for you, but we’ll handle the entire design process from top to bottom, always keeping you in the loop so you can provide us with valuable feedback.

Ready to take your corporate newsletters to the next level? Contact our Toronto-based team today and we’ll help you make your mark.

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