Even though Boxing Day is long over, this piece from Joanne Sallay (of Teachers on Call) on The Huffington Post is still relevant. If your child needs help with math, or you want to help nurture their love of numbers, Möbi is the game for them.


According to Joanne, “This whale of a game has a goal to make math fun. The creators believe that no matter what path you take in life, numbers will meet you at the door. So they decided to create a game that would bring math to life. For all the kids who feel discouraged by numbers, Mobi is a great option because it can start out with simple math and become more advanced based on the abilities of the players. Fans of Scrabble and Bananagrams will delight in this numerical game.”


Read Joanne’s entire piece on The Huffington Post here.

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Meet Möbi: Disrupting the Math Market To Bring Families Together and Make Numbers Cool

Award-winning numbers game for all ages gains global momentum


TORONTO, ON – When a love of math doesn’t come naturally – for you or your kids – Möbi can help. Using Scrabblesque tiles to teach basic math skills, this simple game is luring gamers away from the Xbox, sparking the resurgence of family night and eradicating numeracy-based anxiety.


Challenging players to create mathematical equations in a crossword-style grid, Möbi encourages all age groups to unplug and come to the table in the name of cooperative play, visual processing, sequential thought and good times. Named after the Möbius Strip, an iconic mathematical surface, Möbi’s Melville-inspired packaging features a small, whale-shaped canvas bag that’s completely portable for on-the-go play. No pencil, paper, board or elaborate scoring is required – all you need is a flat surface.


Mobi Packaging

Möbi Packaging

Mobi Pod

Möbi POD


The rules are easy: Players draw blue number tiles, which create simple equations (like 2+3=5) when combined with the white operation tiles (plus signs, minus signs, multiplication signs, etc.). Players attach equations to build a POD. The first person to complete his/her pod by using all of their blue tiles yells MOBI! to win.

“No matter what path you take in life, numbers and math will meet you at the door,”
said Vanessa Ellingson, Möbi co-founder. “Our game allows people of all ages to get comfortable with simple math while connecting with others.”


Lauded as a product with a purpose by The Grommet – the launching pad of blockbuster brands like Bananagrams, FitBit and SodaStream – Möbi has received widespread attention from gamers around the globe in markets like Europe, Japan and Australia. Also a winner of the Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada’s (NETS) Latest and Greatest Award, which selects games based on exceptional play value and capacity to engage audiences, Möbi stimulates focus and problem-solving ability.


“Video games have become such a powerful force,” added Mark Ellingson, Möbi co-founder. “Although many teach manual dexterity and computer literacy, others detract from pro-social behaviour. Fortunately, people are becoming more and more receptive to traditional/physical games that exercise their brains in a way that’s completely interactive. That’s where Möbi comes in.”
Designed for ages 6-106, Mobi retails for $24.99 and can be purchased here.


About Möbi

The brainchild of Toronto-based husband-wife team Vanessa and Mark Ellingson, Möbi is a company that’s passionate about fun. Self-proclaimed adults who never want to grow up, the Ellingsons were determined to create a numbers game that they could eventually play with their son. What materialized was a prototype for something much more powerful: a game that teaches basic math while bringing people of all ages and education levels together. From humble, hand-crafted beginnings, Möbi has made its mark in both the Canadian and global gaming industries and is quickly winning the loyalty of gamers, parents and educators worldwide. Möbi is available at retailers throughout Canada and the US as well as online at www.playmobi.com.


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