What does the future of corporate social responsibility actually look like? And how does sustainable procurement fit into that picture?

On April 12, Kathy Cheng, President of iconic Canadian brand Redwood Classics Apparel, will be taking part in a panel discussion to find those answers at ProcureCon 2017.

What is Procurecon?

The ProcureCon event series brings together a unique blend of Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain experts from across all industries to share their experiences and knowledge with a team of people who truly embrace the strategically important field of Procurement. Originally launched in North America 15 years ago to address direct purchasing strategies for manufacturing companies, ProcureCon has since expanded its focus to address the challenges and opportunities within non-manufacturing and corporate procurement at the ProcureCon Indirect East and West events, as well as the unique needs of managing the marketing category at ProcureCon for Digital and Marketing Services.

Register to attend the event and hear Kathy’s unique take on this important subject here.

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2017 is a milestone year. It’s about who we are. It’s about holding our flag high and flaunting the colours, textures and styles that are beautiful, comfortable and built to last. After all, Redwood Classics Apparel is not just creating clothes. They’re creating a movement.

This year, Redwood Classics is celebrating our country’s 150th birthday. In honour of the tribute, they’ve developed RW x Canada 150: a unique collection of Canada-themed patches that will gear you up for the big 1-5-0 in Great White style.

Representing Canadiana to a tee, their patriotic, commemorative patches don’t just pay homage to our dear country — they also pair perfectly with the RW incomparable line of rink-ready-boardroom-approved handcrafted apparel. Join the movement!

Questions? Email info@redwoodclassics.net.

About Redwood Classics Apparel
For three generations, Redwood Classics Apparel has strived to provide customers with the highest quality of garment manufacturing available to the North American market. Offering an endless array of decorating, design, and customization possibilities, our dedication to craftsmanship and service excellence produces a truly Canadian product that customers can be proud of. Visit www.redwoodclassics.net for more details.

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Redwood Classics Apparel is ready for Canada’s big year!

2017 is Canada 150 – the 150th birthday of the nation we call home. Since Redwood Classics is proudly made-in-Canada, they couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the Great White North than by creating a wide selection of unique Canadiana logos – and almost endless amount of ways to use them.

Now you can celebrate Canada 150 in style. From labels to patches to stunning embroidery, 2017 is the perfect year to co-brand with Redwood Classics Apparel.

Find out how to order your custom pieces right here.


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