Have you ever heard of a singing room? When it comes to beauty products, it’s probably not what you’re imagining. Our friends at TO112 use a singing room to infuse their products with literal good vibrations. Read their latest blog below to find out just what this is all about.

We believe that everything has vibrations. Positive and negative energies are constantly buzzing all around us, infusing everything we do. Have you ever been around someone and felt negative vibes? Even if they’re not saying a word, the energy they give off generates a unique pattern that can be felt by astute observers. If you’re in tune with your surroundings, these negative energies can sometimes be overwhelming.

That’s why we decided to take the phrase “no bad vibes” to the next level. All of our liquid To112 products have been charged with the potent sound frequency of 528 hertz. According to award-winning author, filmmaker, pharma-whistleblower Dr. Leonard Horowitz, this cherished frequency can resonate love, encourage DNA repair and improve health as it brings balance and love to the body with every personal cleansing ritual. It’s important to take time to cleanse your body and your spirit of the negative vibrations that swirl around, trying to take over and change your mindset.

Ridding ourselves of bad vibes is so important to us that we store all of our products in our revolutionary Singing Room. Constantly vibrating at 528 hertz, the Singing Room ensures the maximum potency of our products, ensuring that each Cleanse-Condition-Console ritual our users undertake comes with the added benefit of literally bathing in love.

The Singing Room is located at To112’s head office and salon at 809 Queen Street in Toronto, Canada. It is located underground and features no windows so as to not be energetically interfered with. Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love, and Aquamarine, crystals that have strong love and protection properties, are placed in the center of the space to infuse their healing energies into the products. A surround-sound system plays constantly to keep the room vibrating at 528 hertz and channel those vibrations into all of the liquid products.

What does the Singing Room sound like? Think of it like humming – but in a constant tone of the Solfeggio frequency of Mi and on continuous play for maximum absorption. We also cleanse the Singing Room daily with sage smudging to release any negative energy or unwanted intentions.

While the vibrations generated by the 528 hertz frequency may not be a physically transforming thing, they are metaphysically moving. If you’ve ever felt yourself giving into negative energies, starting your own cleansing ritual is a great way to live in harmony with your surroundings. You can even start an incense ritual, which we have written about extensively on our blog.

Banish those bad vibes and start Spring with a positive outlook. Begin with your own cleansing ritual that is based in science AND love.

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Girl, it’s time to get your nails did!

The state of your nails portrays an image. And the chipped-I-just-came-from-the-trailer-park just isn’t a good look. The quest for long lasting nail polish that won’t leave your nails shredded seems like an endless crusade. Well, Rita (Medulla & Co’s resident esthetician) has got your back… err, your hands. She’s brought you Orly nail polish with it’s almost otherworldly offering of polishes to get your glam on. BUT unique to Orly is the Breathable Polish collection with new advanced oxygen technology to let your nails breathe. It’s two part action is the ideal solution for busted nails – particularly entering this Holiday season. It’s nourishing treatments heal the nail and the advanced oxygen technology allows the polish to breath for longer lasting wear. Plus, it’s easy on the nails, not like gel or shellac applications which leave your nails wanting a little TLC. Check out this vid from Orly! It says it all.

Then call 416.922.0112 to get yourself booked in with Rita for a nail makeover at Medulla & Co. Yorkville – STAT!

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Step away from the sink and put down your razor. This is important. November is here and that can only mean one thing: beard. As the temperatures plummet and the leaves turn to mush, men everywhere are sporting ‘staches for Movember — a full 30 days that brings awareness to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

The Movember Foundation, which has gained worldwide momentum, is credited for its quest to find and fund the most innovative research to have both a global and local impact. Because of this one single foundation that’s garnered cult-like status around the globe, the number of men dying at a premature age will drop by 25 percent in 2030.

Known for not taking government funds in order to remain agile, fresh, transparent and accountable, Movember has funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects internationally since its inception in 2003. We like those numbers and want to join the 5-million ‘Mo Bros and ‘Mo Sistas for one glorious, ‘stache-saving month.

For the month of November, in support of Movember’s push to slash the number of premature male deaths by 25 percent in 2030, TO112 is donating 25 percent of sales of their Console Serum to the Foundation.

Whether you’re be-stubbled à la Leo at the Globes or channeling a backwoods-ready Ryan Gosling, you need this hair oil. Packed with a moisturizing trio of tamanu, argan and jojoba oils, our dreamy lightweight serum is known for its healing, softening properties. Natural scents of juicy citrus and energizing clove will jazz you up for the day ahead.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Towel dry your beard

2. Warm 2-3 drops of product between your palms

3. Massage into your hair

It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3. Click here to get yours!

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